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Square Baler Model: AIPL-HARRIER2020

Square Baler Model: AIPL-HARRIER2020


Bale Size :
Cross Section 360mm x 460mm
Length 220 to 1000mm
Hay Bale Weight (Kgs. Approx.) 15 – 35
Bale Length (mm) 200mm to 1000mm
Capacity Baler/Minutes (Nos.) 5 – 12
Super Sweep Pickup :
Max. Width of Pickup 1680mm
Number of Teeth 110 on 5 Tooth Bars
Floating Wind Guard 8 Rods
Drive V-Belt roller chain to lost motion reel drive
Gauge Wheel 4 x 12 Semi Pneumatic
Rotary Feeding System:
Type Packer Fork in combination with 2 Paired Rotors
Drive Chain From main drive shaft ; Sealed UC bearings on all shafts
Stroke Length 750mm
Stroke/Minutes 95mm
Construction High – Strength steel throughout: modified extension is built into the plunger lace, dominating the need for bolt-on-extensions

Tying Mechanisms:
Type HD Moller Twine Shear boll
Protection 8 Balls
Capacity (Twine) 550mm
Main Drive:
Flywheel Diameter 550mm
Protection Shear Bolt, Over Running & Slip Clutches
Gearbox Poid with tapered roller bearing: heat Treated Alloy steel running oil
Floating (Right) 225/70 R15
Floating (Left) 255/65 R16
Height (Max.) 1900mm
Width 2750mm
With 3-joint PTO & Quarter – Turn bale chute 6620mm
Weight (Approximate) :
With 3 Joint PTO, Twine version 1920 Kgs.
Tractor for Baler:
Recommended Transport Speed 32KM/Hrs
Tractor requirement 50 HP and Above
P.T.O. (RPM) 540
Overall Length (with down bale tray) 6120mm
Overall Length (with bale tray) 5390mm
Overall Width 2750mm
Overall Height 1900mm



* The Company reserves absolute rights to modify the specifications of machine and components therein without any prior notice.